A small fleet of box trucks sitting in a lot

Box Trucks

FRAYT supports standard box trucks. It’s easy to get started.

How To Join

01. Check Availability in Your Area.

Not all areas need all types of drivers at the same time. Check here to see if your market is available for your vehicle type before applying.

02. Apply

Download the mobile driver app, and tap the "Apply" button on the first screen.

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03. Email Your DOT and MC Number

To keep things moving we will need more information about your truck. Once your application is submitted you will be sent an email requesting your DOT and MC Number, as well as some additional truck information.

04. Review and Approval

After your application is submitted it will be reviewed by our team. During the review process you will be sent an invitation to attach to FRAYT in RMIS as part of our onboarding process.


  • What documents will I need to apply?

    • Active motor carrier permit
    • Active DOT number
    • Proof of insurance (At least $1,000,000 in auto liability coverage and $100,000 in cargo liability coverage)
    • Valid in-state driver's license for the market in which you are applying to FRAYT
    • Truck registration document issued from the state for the market in which you are applying to FRAYT
  • What are the box truck size requirements?

    FRAYT requires box trucks be over 10,000 GVW and between 12’ and 28’ in length. This ensures that the trucks are able to safely transport the goods being carried, while also being compliant with state and federal weight regulations.

  • How do drivers get paid?

    All FRAYT Drivers get paid via the Branch app. Once an applicant is approved on the FRAYT Platform they will received a personalized invitation link to get their Branch App set up with their FRAYT wallet.

  • My vehicle is leased to a motor carrier (trucking company) - can I still use FRAYT?

    You cannot use the FRAYT Driver App if your vehicle is leased to another company. There are several reasons FRAYT cannot use your vehicle if it is in a permanent (long-term) lease agreement with a motor carrier:

    • Most motor carrier motor vehicle lease agreements stipulate “exclusive use” of the leased motor vehicle
    • The vehicle usually has the signage of the motor carrier affixed to the vehicle on both sides. This signage displays the name, MC Number and US DOT number of the motor carrier. Law enforcement typically assigns responsibility for the safety performance. The motor carrier would most likely be responsible for accidents and any lawsuits from such accidents. FRAYT has a moral and ethical responsibility to protect the interests of those motor carriers.
    • Typically, when leased to a motor carrier, a vehicle owner-operator carries only “non-trucking liability, that protects the public in extremely limited instances while not under the dispatch of the motor carrier.” This type of insurance does not offer coverage for operations in connection with an on-demand technology service like FRAYT. See the only exception below–vans or box trucks with their own primary liability insurance coverage.
  • Can I work for other companies?

    The beauty of being an independent contractor is that you determine when, what, why and how you work. You can work for other companies. FRAYT is intending to only supplement or be a part of the total revenue you produce. You can accept or decline any Match offer from FRAYT. You determine when you are available and when you are not.

  • What is RMIS?

    FRAYT partners with RMIS (Registry Monitoring Insurance Services) to provide continuous monitoring of Certificate of Insurance for auto and cargo coverage, as well as AM Best Ratings for insurance providers.