Retailers Can Compete with Amazon With an On-Demand Delivery
October 6, 2021

How Retailers Can Compete with Amazon With an On-Demand Delivery Platform

Kayla Cordray

Roughly 65% of American households have an Amazon Prime Account.  Perhaps the most differentiating aspect (and why most people pay their yearly or monthly dues) of their offerings is the same or next-day delivery. This has caused retailers to lose business.

Providing the truck and paying the salary of an in-house delivery driver could cost upwards of 70k per year.  With most retailers or small businesses not being able to afford that, using an on-demand delivery solution is a cost-effective option, among other benefits.

An on-demand delivery platform matches you with local drivers who can pickup and drop off products to customers using an intuitive web portal and phone app.  Offer your customers same-day or next-day delivery so the choice to buy directly from your store is an easy one.

Here are 3 reason outsourcing your last-mile deliveries to a delivery platform is the best move for your business.

Using Couriers for Last Mile Delivery Lacks Transparency

Only 12% of retailers have full visibility into their last-mile deliveries. While using local couriers is a popular option, there often isn’t transparency of exact delivery times, routes, or confirmation for customers.  

According to one study, 56% of shoppers won’t buy from a brand again if they’re unsatisfied with shipping, so these seemingly little details can make or break your customers loyalty.

One of the main benefits of an on-demand delivery platform, like FRAYT, is the real-time tracking and single-stop pickup and drop off. You can give your customers exact delivery times, and instant delivery confirmation.  

Get Back To Your Business by Placing Deliveries in 5 Minutes or Less

With the busy holiday season approaching for retailers, your time is valuable.  Coordinating deliveries isn’t the best use of your time. With a user-friendly interface, a delivery platform is an excellent option to optimize time. And with the option for bulk deliveries with multiple stops, you can schedule deliveries on your timeline and get back to your day.

Get Peace of Mind With Every Delivery

Mackenzie, from The Tile Shop, uses the FRAYT Delivery Platform on a regular basis. She built relationships with the rotation of drivers. Each driver handles every item carefully and communicates every step of the way to ensure a successful delivery.

When asked what her favorite part about using our platform, she said:

“The thing I like most about FRAYT is the good communication. I work with the same 10 drivers and have established a beneficial routine. FRAYT really is like Uber, but for business delivery. It’s the most intuitive & reliable on-demand delivery platform.“

FRAYT is an on-demand delivery platform built specifically for business. You can save money by scheduling deliveries in bulk, get real-time tracking, and give your customer instant delivery confirmation all with only a couple of clicks. Get started here.

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