With Luke Denny
June 26, 2023

Meet the Boss Virtual Round Table: A Deep Dive into Last Mile Delivery with Luke Denny

Jim Waters

Welcome to the Meet the Boss Virtual Round Table by GDS Group, where we delve into the multifaceted world of Last Mile delivery. In this enlightening discussion, we bring you insights from an expert panel that includes Kelly Yiu, our host, Dan Bell, Senior Vice President for Innovation and Strategic Operations at Marken, Marco Almeida, e-Commerce Merchandising Director at Cisco USA, Gabby Weisel, and our main speaker, Luke Denny, Co-Founder and CEO of FRAYT.

Listen as Luke Denny shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on the complexities and innovative solutions shaping the future of Last Mile delivery. The discussion is filled with invaluable insights, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of this crucial component of the supply chain.

For your convenience, we've summarized and timestamped the highlights of Denny's contributions below. So sit back, press play, and let's dive into the world of Last Mile delivery.

Luke Denny on Last Mile Delivery: A Reflection

00:07:28 - Luke Denny kicks off the discussion with an overview of his background and a warm welcome to all participants. He expresses excitement about the broad topic of last Mile delivery and acknowledges the wide-ranging challenges faced by various stakeholders. He discusses the inception of FRAYT five years ago, which began with a focus on providing shippers with untapped capacity in Sprinter and cargo vans. Today, FRAYT's offerings have expanded to include a range of vehicles, with over 15,000 drivers operating within 32 markets in the US.

00:11:56 - Denny concurs with the other panelists' views on the complexities of last Mile delivery. He emphasizes that the concept extends beyond the final leg of a product's journey, resonating with how it is perceived and handled by various parties, from distribution centers to end users.

00:21:03 - Responding to feedback from the panel, Denny stresses the importance of consistency in delivery experiences. The goal, he says, should not merely be a high success rate, but an absolute 100% fulfillment. He commends Amazon for setting a trend in customer experience and discusses potential strategies to combat consistency challenges.

00:22:08 - Denny then delves into the unique dynamics of FRAYT's model as a marketplace, striving to marry speed and fluidity with reliability and consistency. He highlights the power of communication in addressing potential inconsistencies, emphasizing that proactive updates can foster trust among customers.

00:23:24 - Lastly, Denny introduces FRAYT's 'Preferred Driver Solution', aimed at enhancing reliability by allowing shippers to choose drivers based on their experience and track record. He also talks about leveraging the power of a network for fast recoveries in the event of any deviations from the planned process.

Throughout the discussion, Luke Denny brings to light the evolving landscape of last Mile delivery, underscoring the importance of customer experience, communication, and network power in achieving consistency and reliability in this crucial process.

Master Last Mile Delivery with Luke Denny and FRAYT

In a logistics landscape characterized by evolving customer expectations and increasingly complex delivery networks, FRAYT emerges as the premier solution for mastering Last Mile delivery. Our on-demand platform links you with a diverse network of professional drivers, operating a variety of vehicles to handle deliveries of all sizes. With our commitment to timely, same-day deliveries, your customers will never be kept waiting.

The FRAYT platform also features real-time tracking capabilities, providing you with the ability to monitor orders throughout their journey and maintain open lines of communication with drivers. This level of visibility and control is invaluable in the fast-paced world of Last Mile delivery.

To further streamline your operations, FRAYT offers API integrations that seamlessly connect with your existing systems. This delivers scalable delivery solutions without disrupting your established workflows. By combining automation and integration, we help optimize your operations and reduce costs.

Beyond efficiency and cost-effectiveness, FRAYT places a high priority on reliability and security. Our driver network undergoes rigorous background checks and insurance verifications, ensuring that your deliveries are in the best hands.

As Luke Denny emphasized in the discussion, mastering Last Mile delivery is a crucial component of a successful supply chain. With FRAYT, you can elevate your last Mile delivery strategy and achieve new levels of success.

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