Moving Towards Same-Day Delivery
September 28, 2022

Retailers Are Moving Towards Same-Day Delivery

Megan Diefenbacher
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According to the “2022 Bringg Barometer: State of Retail Delivery and Fulfillment” survey of 500 enterprise retailers in both the USA and around the world, 99% of participants confirmed they plan on offering same-day delivery by or before 2025.

A quick Google search confirms the growing trend: top searches for “same-day delivery” yield suggested links such as “which stores deliver the fastest” and “a complete list of retailers offering same-day delivery for 2022.”

Additionally, Amazon recently announced a new lineup of retail partnerships that allows Prime members to receive same-day delivery from their favorite, participating stores in over 10 cities, with plans to expand to additional retailers and cities in the coming months. Other major retailers such as GAP, American Eagle, and Zara have also started offering same-day delivery to their customers through partnerships with on-demand delivery services.

Between keeping up with the retail giants and the consumer behaviors reinforced by COVID-19, same-day delivery is now vital to business growth and survival. A 2020 McKinsey & Co. survey suggests that long delivery times are a common reason why consumers drop out of digital orders. Research also suggests that consumers will pay extra for reliable, same-day delivery. Delivering within the expected timeframe builds brand trust, which in turn creates more business and happy, life-long customers.

How Can Retailers Prioritize Fulfillment and Customer Convenience?

According to Bringg, most retailers need to reassess their fulfillment network, hone their automation capabilities, and focus on hyper-local delivery strategies. Retailers can also make small steps toward delivery efficiency by improving inventory visibility, employee training, tracking, route planning, and demand forecasting.

Stepping toward delivery efficiency includes moving away from a single traditional carrier or in-house delivery and outsourcing to companies that specialize in last-mile delivery.

Last-Mile delivery, or last-mile logistics, is the transportation of goods from a distribution hub to the final destination. The goal of last-mile logistics is to deliver as affordably, quickly, and accurately as possible.

The benefits of outsourcing delivery include: improved focus and more time for main tasks, increased efficiency through choosing a delivery company that handles similar industries, controlled costs, and greater competitive advantage, which can help retailers leverage supply chains and make the business more flexible within the market trends. Last mile carriers can also help manage or minimize overflow by increasing capacity when there is a spike in demand, such as in peak or holiday seasons.

The delivery industry will continue to ramp up as we head into this year’s holiday season. If businesses want to be a part of the 99% moving toward same-day delivery by 2025, they need to make changes to their delivery strategies now.

FRAYT Technologies can help retailers stand out against competitors by offering scheduled or same-day delivery. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, FRAYT Technologies provides professional, on-demand shipping to businesses across the USA through an intuitive web platform and phone app.

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