Small-Move Management
August 10, 2023

The Integration of Small-Move Management for Freight Brokers and 3PLs

Jim Waters

Small-move management has emerged as a beacon of innovation for freight brokers and 3PLs in today's complex logistical environment. Our recent study highlights how this strategic approach is not merely a logistical detail but a pivotal driver of competitive advantage.

The Evolution of Small-Move Management

In response to the recent supply chain challenges, businesses are adopting new strategies to increase resilience and control costs. Small-move management, though often overlooked, has proven to be an effective solution:

  • Diversified last mile Carriers: Businesses are diversifying their last mile carriers, linking e-commerce platforms to physical stores and the broader supply chain, thereby increasing visibility and resilience.
  • Technology-Driven Strategies: Technological integration empowers businesses with real-time visibility into their supply chains, enabling them to combat inventory shortages and transportation delays.

The Impact of Small-Move Management: Key Findings from Our Study

Our comprehensive study underscores the transformative potential of Small-Move Management for freight brokers and 3PLs. Here are the key findings:

  • Competitive Advantage: Shippers are recognizing the need for diversified last mile delivery carriers and technology-driven strategies, which are proving to be crucial in gaining a competitive edge.
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Through integrating Small-Move Management, businesses can enhance their supply chains' resilience, equipping them to better handle unprecedented challenges.
  • Cost Control: By leveraging Small-Move Management, businesses successfully control costs and streamline their operations.

Overcoming Challenges with Small-Move Management

Like any innovative approach, Small-Move Management comes with its unique set of final mile delivery challenges. However, with a strategic mindset, these challenges can be turned into opportunities:

  • Inventory Management: Integrating technology in Small-Move Management enables real-time inventory visibility, enabling businesses to effectively combat shortages.
  • Transportation Delays: With increased visibility into their supply chains, businesses are better equipped to handle and mitigate transportation delays.

Partnering for Success in Small-Move Management

Success in Small-Move Management requires solid partnerships and strategic collaborations. Reliable partners can provide essential support, such as:

  • Technology Integration: Partners can help businesses integrate last mile technology into their supply chain processes, boosting efficiency and visibility.
  • Expert Guidance: Experienced partners can provide valuable insights and guidance on implementing Small-Move Management strategies.

Dive Deeper into Small-Move Management with Our Full Study

Our study offers a detailed examination of the potential and practicalities of Small-Move Management. To fully understand how this approach can revolutionize your business, download the full survey here. Stay ahead of the curve and transform your freight brokerage or 3PL operation with the power of Small-Move Management.

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