Grow Your Business with a Courier Delivery App
February 10, 2022

Grow Your Business with a Courier Delivery App

Megan Diefenbacher

Whether consumers prefer to shop online or place orders with brick and mortar stores, there’s one thing they’ve come to expect from their experience: fast, reliable delivery.

Consumers are a driving force in raising the standard of delivery services.

Brand loyalty and feedback hold significant sway when it comes to building a company’s reputation.

Consumers are eager to share positive experiences, but just as quick to denounce brands for negative interactions, such as late deliveries or lost or damaged goods.

Studies show that consumers are more likely than before to research a brand’s delivery courier and make a purchasing decision based solely on the reputation of that courier.

In other words, the delivery experience a brand provides extends the overall customer service experience and directly affects profit margins.

Managing in-house logistics of delivery services can be time-consuming and stressful for business owners, who also need to focus on other aspects of their company. Fuel costs, route-planning, unforeseen traffic, and potential loss of productivity from errand-running employees can all be more efficiently handled by a courier delivery app.

What is a courier delivery app?

Couriers are delivery professionals who transport packages, materials, or goods. The loads can range in size from small HVAC, auto, or plumbing parts and tools to lumber, appliances, and even multiple pallets. Professional couriers carefully vet their drivers and equip them with the tools they need to properly handle, load and unload, and secure their cargo. They are also provided with resources to navigate the quickest and most efficient routes.

Courier delivery apps use a web platform to oversee and match professional drivers with businesses who need delivery services.  Courier delivery apps handle delivery logistics from pickup to drop off. They schedule order deliveries, assign drivers, oversee operations, and strategize for improvements in future planning and delivery options.

What are the benefits of a courier delivery app?

Courier delivery apps help brands delegate their delivery needs to experienced and specialized professionals who will streamline the delivery process and manage the logistics so that brands can focus more on their products, services, presence, and customer service.

Courier delivery apps should provide simple integration and onboarding, an easy-to-navigate user interface, and have apps compatible with both Android and iOS. They should also be competitive in rapid-order fulfillment and traceability. Common features of courier service apps include proof of delivery, auto-dispatching, route planning, reporting, and friendly, knowledgeable support teams for both shippers and drivers.

Courier delivery apps provide brands greater efficiency. Deliveries by a designated courier are more efficient and consistent through route and driver optimization. They help improve the customer service experience by providing consistent and accurate ETAs, pick-up time guarantees, driver communication, and real-time GPS tracking.

How to choose the best courier service app

Case studies are a great way to review courier delivery apps. They interview current users and review how well the courier service app works for the specific needs of that user and industry. Positive reviews and feedback are some of the most valuable and honest ways to review courier apps since those customers are established, daily users of the technology.

Proof-of-Delivery is an important feature in courier delivery platforms. Not only does it ensure that the right product was delivered on-time to the correct address, but consistent, successful POD tracking builds trust between the brand and the courier, eliminates the brand’s need for manual data entry, and protects the brand from false delivery claims.

Scalability is also a factor to consider when reviewing courier apps. Courier apps should support a brand’s immediate needs as well as provide integration options for future growth and market expansion.

Lastly, a reliable support team is a crucial component of a courier delivery app. Does the system have phone, email, or chat support? Do they offer a knowledge base, user guide, demos, training, and effective, yet simple onboarding? What are their hours of operation? How quickly do they respond to support inquiries? Solid support teams should be available for the immediate attention of both shippers and drivers.

FRAYT Technologies

FRAYT is a tech company that brings professional, on-demand shipping to businesses through our web platform and phone app. We’re headquartered in Cincinnati, OH and provide service all across the United States.

We offer timely, on-demand delivery by providing a dedicated vehicle and professional driver capable of handling your biggest or smallest items. Our vehicle options range from cars to box trucks. Track your order from drop off to pickup and share delivery status and confirmation with customers. Streamline deliveries that occur a couple times a week, or use our delivery technology to build a scalable solution.

With FRAYT, you can place deliveries in 5 minutes or less. Once you sign up for a FRAYT business account, you unlock access to the most intuitive last-mile delivery platform out there.

1. Get a Price Estimate

Provide us with locations and dimensions and get pricing before posting your delivery

2. Post Your Delivery

An experienced FRAYT Driver will accept your dispatch and work with FRAYT support every step of the way to ensure an optimal experience for you and your customers.

3. Track in Real-Time

Trace deliveries from pickup to drop off with live updates and the option to share alerts & confirmation with your customers.

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