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September 26, 2023

Key Takeaways: FRAYT’s Jim Waters Joins The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jim Waters

At FRAYT, we provide last mile delivery services to major brands like Walmart, Sherwin Williams, The Tile Shop, and others. We focus on empowering our clients to operate efficiently and save money while creating outstanding experiences for their customers.

In September, FRAYT Vice President of Marketing Jim Waters joined The Logistics of Logistics podcast to discuss the key to effective last mile delivery service. You can listen to the podcast using this audio player:

See below for a summary of what Jim shared while on the podcast, and contact us if you’d like to learn more about perfecting the last mile with FRAYT.

5 Takeaways From Jim’s Podcast Appearance

During the podcast, Jim and host Joe Lynch discussed various issues influencing last mile delivery. Here’s a look at five of the most prominent topics addressed during the show.

1. Driver Quality is the Key to the Last Mile

From the start of the podcast, Jim emphasized that quality drivers are the essence of effective last mile delivery. The trust and familiarity that quality drivers provide create assurance for the shipper, not to mention better business outcomes.

The rise of the gig economy, especially during the pandemic, introduced challenges in maintaining consistent quality and professionalism (more on this below). That’s where FRAYT distinguishes itself by meticulously vetting both drivers and their vehicles. The FRAYT team goes beyond just the basic checks, diving deep into aspects like insurance and essential certifications (like the TWIC card). 

As last mile delivery service expands its traditional horizons, reaching homes and job sites, the emphasis on sterling customer service becomes paramount. Making the right impression in both punctuality and demeanor is invaluable in creating positive customer experiences.

2. Great Drivers Reduce Costs & Enhance Efficiency

Driver quality not only enhances reputation but also cuts costs and boosts efficiency. The value of account familiarity, like knowing a driver’s personal schedule, ensures smoother operations and deepens trust. Building strong relationships becomes even more vital with modern-day challenges like fraud and double brokering.

Shippers who value long-term relationships over just costs are better safeguarded against these industry pitfalls. The best last mile providers often go the extra mile for their clients, proactively addressing errors and operating with a whatever-it-takes mentality in managing their accounts.

This is the approach the FRAYT team takes. We emphasize timely and professional deliveries, and we proactively address concerns as they emerge. The bottom line is that a combination of trust, dedicated drivers, and cutting-edge technology helps unlock efficiency and cost-effectiveness in logistics.

3. The Gig Economy Makes Driver Quality Difficult

The gig economy’s rise has revolutionized logistics, offering flexibility but also posing challenges in quality assurance. The pandemic pushed many retailers toward gig-based solutions, but those retailers now need sustained professionalism to maximize their last mile delivery services.

Quick deliveries, while appreciated, shouldn’t sacrifice a brand’s reputation. Issues like drivers tossing packages onto doorsteps from a distance, caught on camera, erode trust and tarnish brand image. As customers expect impeccable service, connecting the spontaneity of the gig economy with reliability becomes vital.

Traditional delivery giants, such as UPS and FedEx, with their rate hikes, are now finding competition from services like FRAYT DASH, which guarantees pickup in 59 minutes or less. In the present and future, the best last mile experiences may be created through partnerships with nimble delivery partners who emphasize a balance between driver quality and delivery speed.

4. Fleet Diversity is a Close Second to Driver Quality in Importance

Beyond driver quality, a logistics company needs fleet diversity that ensures the optimization of each delivery, regardless of size. Box trucks may cater to bulky items, but cargo vans and sprinters, due to their design, are required for different needs — like efficiently transporting large TVs or several pallets at once.

Fleet diversity alone isn’t the challenge. You must also have the right technology in place to manage a diverse fleet and high-quality drivers. At FRAYT, we incorporate intuitive technology through driver and shipper apps and APIs. These technologies help streamline operations and enhance connectivity with systems like WMS, TMS, or CRM. 

Today, FRAYT works with 20,000 drivers across major metro areas in the U.S. — including a presence in every market with an NFL team. The combination of these drivers, their vehicles, and management through cutting-edge technology is what allows FRAYT to facilitate outstanding last mile experiences.

5. 3PLs Can Partner to ‘Augment’ Their Fleets

Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) must adapt swiftly in today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape. Traditional fleets, dominated by large trucks, aren’t always apt for today’s nuanced delivery demands. Instead, there’s a tilt toward “augmenting” fleets with versatile vehicles like sedans, pickups, and sprinter vans for efficiency and sustainability.

Delivery destinations have diversified beyond retail stores to micro-fulfillment locations, homes, and even cruise ships. FRAYT’s DASH service was designed with agility in mind. Consider a cruise ship short on tomatoes hours before departure (a situation that happened to one of our clients recently). FRAYT promises pickups in 59 minutes or less, ensuring the ship remains on schedule.

For 3PLs, collaborating with FRAYT transcends mere fleet expansion. It’s about agility, timely commitments, and adaptability, underscoring that rapid responses can be game-changers in the logistics industry.

Access Quality Drivers With FRAYT

Throughout the podcast, Jim Waters focused on the essence of blending human expertise with innovative technology in the rapidly changing logistics landscape. 

From prioritizing driver quality to harnessing fleet diversity, FRAYT champions a holistic approach to last mile delivery. As challenges emerge and the logistics industry continues to evolve, partnerships with adaptable and efficient providers like FRAYT can be a game-changer. 

If your business needs quality drivers to enhance last mile delivery services, ship with us.

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