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October 19, 2023

Understanding the Role of Last Mile Delivery in Customer Satisfaction

Jim Waters

Consumer expectations have transformed over the past 2+ years. Retail buyers are now equipped with a blend of technological savviness, and a heightened awareness of how fast and affordable delivery can be — when they choose the right sellers.

As businesses attempt to match these shifting expectations with the right services, last mile delivery emerges as a crucial strategy and a golden opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. No longer is the last mile about simply delivering a package. It’s also important to create a memorable experience that responds to modern consumer expectations and keeps your buyers coming back for more. Unfortunately, according to FRAYT research, only 48% of businesses have “optimized their delivery networks for last mile delivery services.”

This article shares five ways to design a modern last mile delivery program to wow your customers, increase satisfaction, and generate more repeat business. Read on to learn more about these best practices. And, if you have questions or need a partner for last mile delivery, the FRAYT team is always here to help.

1. Offer Delivery Options

To capture market share wherever possible during the pandemic, major retailers started offering various delivery options:

  • In-store pickup
  • Curbside pickup
  • Same-day couriers
  • Traditional parcel deliveries

Now, consumers have grown to expect these options. Has your business created a system for offering the delivery options buyers want?

Technology is one of the keys to delivery options. By integrating best-in-class last mile tech, the path to offering delivery options is faster, more affordable, and more manageable. Launching delivery options enhances the customer experience and increases satisfaction while fortifying brand loyalty in a competitive market.

2. Create Efficiency, Accelerate Delivery Speed

The best-known retailer in the U.S., Amazon, has conditioned retail customers to expect lightning-fast delivery speeds that would have been impossible decades ago. Amazon and other retail giants are now offering 2-day, 1-day, and even same-day delivery — and retailers that want to keep pace need to find ways to accelerate their delivery speeds

The last mile is one area where you can create efficiency. Tools like route optimization can help your drivers discover the fastest paths for completing their deliveries. These tools cut down on travel time, of course, but they also reduce costs, increase reliability, and ultimately facilitate the fast deliveries that consumers now expect.

3. Provide Live Tracking & Transparency

The era of waiting and wondering has long passed. Today’s customers, driven by an innate need for information and control, want to know where their shipments are and when they will arrive. In short, communication is key in the last mile.

Fortunately, last mile delivery technology advancements have made catering to this demand more straightforward than ever. Modern platforms facilitate live tracking and real-time updates, ensuring customers stay informed at every step. By providing this level of transparency, businesses elevate the customer experience while fostering trust and building a foundation for loyalty.

4. Pass Cost Savings Along to Your Customers

Efficient last mile delivery unlocks the benefit of reduced costs. These operational savings benefit the bottom line and present a strategic opportunity for retail businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Passing these savings to customers through free or affordable shipping, smaller enterprises can level the playing field against giants like Amazon.

Gestures like this resonate deeply with consumers, providing them with a unique blend of value and convenience. Every penny counts in the modern era, and offering a tangible financial benefit increases satisfaction and incentivizes customers to buy again.

5. Facilitate Memorable Delivery Experiences

The last impression left by last mile delivery services can be just as important as the speed of the delivery. Drivers are responsible for creating that positive impression.

In the hustle of today’s gig economy, many drivers, pressed for time, resort to tossing packages onto doorsteps from a distance. Quality drivers, though, understand the importance of the human touch — gentle placement and a friendly nod can make all the difference. Gestures like these are the essence of a great delivery experience.

Seal the Deal With Last Mile Excellence

FRAYT can serve as a strategic partner who understands the nuances of last mile delivery services — and how it can boost customer satisfaction. 

With technology that facilitates delivery choices, optimizes routes, and provides real-time tracking, coupled with a network of high-quality drivers who genuinely grasp the importance of that final human touch, FRAYT is poised to help you master the last mile while ensuring your customers are satisfied with the delivery experience.

Let's reimagine your last mile delivery service together. If you’re looking for a partner that can help increase customer satisfaction, ship with us.

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