Benefits of Using an On-Demand Delivery Platform
February 28, 2022

4 Benefits of Using an On-Demand Delivery Platform

Emma Sweeney
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Customer expectations are evolving. 46% of consumers who order products online expect to have the option for next day delivery and 20% expect same day delivery.

68% of consumers claimed faster shipping causes them to place an online order.

These statistics highlight the importance of businesses offering prompt delivery that fits the customers' timeline and expectations. This has resulted in a delivery fitting the consumers' schedule to be the deciding factor on whether they make a purchase.

Consumer’s need for instant gratification is expected to increase as online shopping and same day delivery becomes a standard.

In a market where speedy delivery becomes less of an option and more of an obligation, we explored some of our own customer case studies to offer your business inspiration on how using an on-demand delivery platform might be beneficial.

In these case studies, we discovered how on-demand delivery positively affected various industries, ranging from tire supply, retail, manufacturing, and food service.

We found that optimizing deliveries using intuitive technology provided benefits such as ease-of use, peace of mind, and the saving of time and money.

1. Get Peace of Mind Using On-Demand Delivery

The results of an interview conducted on the effects of same day delivery with The Tile Shop, a retailer with an extensive selection of high quality floor & wall tiles, exclusive designs, expert staff, and amazing customer service, revealed how this service brought benefits to not only their business, but their customers as well.

Having same day delivery as an additional offering helps the Tile Shop differentiate themselves from their competitors and delight their customer base.

Previously, Store Manager, Mackenzie, used local couriers or other delivery platforms daily to get their products to customer’s job sites or homes, but often, bad communication and lack of attention to details from drivers, would cause a bad experience for both the tile shop and their customers. Therefore, Mackenzie started looking for another delivery solution.

After signing up for a FRAYT Business Account, Mackenzie could schedule same-day deliveries in just a couple of minutes.

The FRAYT platform matched her with reliable drivers, gave real-time tracking, and shared delivery confirmation with customers instantly. She loves the peace of mind that she gets using FRAYT.

She’s gotten to know the same rotation of FRAYT Drivers and trusts them to match the level of exceptional customer service that she and her team offer.

When asked what her favorite part was about using The FRAYT Platform, she said,

“The thing I like most about FRAYT is the good communication. I work with the same 10 drivers and have established a beneficial routine. FRAYT really is like Uber, but for business delivery. IT’s the most intuitive & reliable on-demand delivery platform.“

2. Prioritize Your Time with an Easy to Use Delivery Platform

We conducted another interview with the team leader, Paul, at Midas International.

Midas is an automotive service and supply company working as a one-stop-shop for anything from an oil or tire change to factory recommended maintenance to brake repairs.

We found how using a delivery platform increased productivity and optimized their team's time.

Before using an On-demand Delivery Platform, Paul and his team at Midas were spending too much time driving around, picking up tires needed to complete jobs. At least 3 times a week, they spent around 2 hours driving back and forth. This caused a dip in productivity and distracted mechanics from work time. Paul decided he needed to look for a better way to manage tire deliveries.

Using our intuitive delivery platform has allowed Paul and his mechanics to get more done in a day and focus on their customers, not running errands.

When asked what Paul's favorite part about using FRAYT is, he said:

“ Running around and picking up the tires and supplies my team needed to complete jobs was time-consuming. I can use the FRAYT Platform using my work computer or my phone. It saves time and is so easy to use. “

3. Use On-Demand Delivery to Delight your Customers and Differ from the Competition

A third interview with David, a customer service representative of Motion Industries, provided insight into how on demand-delivery results in elite customer service, particularly in the industrial supply industry.

Motion Industries is an industrial supplier for maintenance, repair, and operating products and experienced this benefit of our delivery platform first-hand.

With a lot of competition in their industry, Motion Industries differentiates themselves by providing the best customer service, including optional same day and scheduled delivery.

David works with every customer and goes above and beyond while selling industrial products. His days are busy and after using local couriers and logistics companies, he realized the need for a delivery solution that wasn’t as time-consuming, and offered delivery confirmation to his customers.

After signing up for a FRAYT Business Account, FRAYT’s Sales Team worked to set up billed payment terms to fit Motion Industries vendor standards.

David can now easily dispatch deliveries with just a couple of clicks.

He gets instant delivery confirmation via text message that can be shared with his customers and he can track every delivery in real time.

David’s favorite aspect of FRAYT’s Platform is how simple it is to use:

"Getting matched with a FRAYT Driver for customer deliveries takes 2 minutes. It lets me offer same day delivery like Amazon Prime, easily. The platform is so easy to use, and I can dispatch deliveries to my customers right from my work computer.”

4. Streamline Operations and Find Security with Live-Tracking Delivery

Our final interview was with Teriyaki Madness Distribution Manager, Rachael.

Teriyaki Madness is in the food service industry as a fast-casual Asian restaurant concept featuring a Seattle Teriyaki menu, with over 100 locations in the US. They found security for this important factor of their operation with FRAYT’s on-demand delivery and customer service.

Due to issues with labor and driver shortages that have affected everyone in 2021 and beyond, Teriyaki Madness needed to secure a secondary way to transport products until the last mile to support their shops when last-minute challenges occur.

The Teriyaki Madness Supply Chain Team looked for a delivery platform to streamline operations.

The Teriyaki Madness Team uses FRAYT to send food supplies from the food distribution center to local stores. Because FRAYT’s Dash Service offers same day delivery, they can deliver products that a store ran out of unexpectedly quickly.

The FRAYT Platform shows tracking for every order in real-time, offers delivery confirmation, and shares estimated arrival times with store managers.

Beyond what the platform offers, they love the customer support from FRAYT’s Operation Team and her dedicated FRAYT Sales Account Manager.

When asked what is most valuable about FRAYT’s Platform, Teriyaki Madness Distribution Manager, Rachael, said:

“Using FRAYT allows us to get products to our stores quickly and efficiently. This has increased our profitability and optimized our processes by avoiding potential inventory shortages at our stores so our customers’ expectations are met fully.”

On-demand delivery has given multiple benefits across various industries. Our platform provides an easy-to-use method of fast and reliable transportation that will not only unlock more productivity for business, but supply customer satisfaction and competitive advantage too. Through dedicated customer service, less time consumption, and peace of mind, FRAYT delivers products and can optimize your business.

If you’d like to get started with on-demand delivery, you can create a free FRAYT Business Account, here.

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