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September 21, 2023

How a Last Mile Delivery Partner Benefits Your Business

Jim Waters

Last mile delivery has emerged as a defining factor in the customer experience. It serves as the final, crucial touchpoint between retailers and their buyers, and mastering it can be the difference between a one-time transaction and a lifelong brand advocate.

While 79% of businesses consider the last mile “very or extremely important” in gaining a competitive edge, this final leg of the supply chain presents unique challenges. Retailers grapple with issues like scaling delivery capacity to meet fluctuating demand and balancing cost-effectiveness with operational efficiency.

Enter third-party delivery solutions. Below, we’ll explore the transformative potential of partnering for last mile delivery providers and how companies like FRAYT are revolutionizing how retailers connect with their customers, ensuring that every package delivered is both a product and a positive experience.

The 12 Benefits of Third-party Last Mile Delivery

At some point, all retailers must answer this last mile question: Should we manage deliveries with our own resources, or should we entrust this crucial task to a third party?

Self-managed last mile delivery involves retailers owning their fleet of vehicles. They also recruit and train their own delivery drivers. It’s an approach reminiscent of retail giants (like Amazon) with immense resources to fine-tune and perfect every nuance of their delivery system. But most retailers don’t possess the Amazon-esque infrastructure, financial bandwidth, or operational expertise needed to seamlessly run self-managed deliveries.

Third-party last mile delivery is different. It lets retailers leverage their partner’s expertise and resources for this crucial function. Here’s a look at 12 benefits of choosing a partner to help you realize the full power of last mile delivery.

1. The Ability to Rapidly Scale Capacity

The ever-changing retail landscape demands flexibility. Third-party delivery solutions allow retailers to quickly adapt to shifts in order volume. 

The holiday season is a great example. Retailers can ramp up delivery capacities to handle surging orders, ensuring prompt deliveries and delighting customers. Once the rush subsides, scaling back is just as effortless, avoiding excess overheads. 

2. Superior Route Optimization

Embracing third-party delivery solutions brings the power of advanced algorithms and AI into play. This technological prowess translates to meticulously optimized routes for deliveries. 

The immediate benefits include drastically reduced delivery times and maximized resource utilization. Retailers can ensure packages take the quickest, most efficient paths to their destinations, elevating customer satisfaction while keeping operational costs in check.

3. Specialized Training for Exceptional Customer Experiences

Third-party last mile delivery solutions offer drivers trained to uphold your brand values during the last mile process. These professionals help exceed customer expectations by ensuring the delivery experience leaves a lasting, positive impression. Memorable delivery experiences enhance customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

4. Digital Delivery Management

Modern third-party delivery solutions provide retailers with intuitive platforms that streamline the last mile process and make it more manageable. These digital tools offer invaluable data analytics, shedding light on delivery performance. And they also empower retailers to provide a higher level of support and communication

Retailers gain immediate operational advantages and long-term insights that allow for strategy refinement and enhanced customer delivery experiences.

5. Cost and Time Efficiency

By choosing a partner for last mile delivery providers, retailers avoid the time- and money-intensive tasks of route planning, driver management, and fleet upkeep. This results in a streamlined operation, optimized expenditures, and more hours devoted to core business functions.

6. No Capital Investments

Third-party last mile delivery partners shoulder the weight of fleet investments and maintenance, allowing retailers to avoid significant financial commitments. This allocation shift means capital can be channeled into other growth-focused initiatives for the business.

7. Presence in Key Markets

Partnering with established third-party delivery services offers an instant presence in key markets. For example, imagine a retailer ventures into a new region. With a last mile partner already operating there, the expansion becomes frictionless, ensuring quick market penetration and an immediate brand presence.

8. Book-and-Breathe Convenience

Entrusting a partner with last mile deliveries translates to peace of mind for retailers. Simply book a delivery instantly and then take a backseat. By delegating the details of last mile delivery service, retailers can dedicate more time to core business activities. Profit from the core.

9. Live Tracking Capabilities

In an age of instant gratification, customers value the ability to track their deliveries in real time. Last mile delivery platforms harness state-of-the-art technology to offer this live oversight, keeping customers in the loop at every stage. This transparency satisfies customer curiosity and builds trust. The leaders provide direct communication with drivers.

10. Greater Security

Security is non-negotiable in modern last mile delivery services. Third-party services underscore this by implementing stringent measures to ensure safe transit. Beyond state-of-the-art tracking, these providers invest heavily in training and vetting their drivers. The result is a delivery force equipped with the skills and integrity to ensure each package reaches its destination securely.

11. Advanced Technology as a Competitive Edge

Today’s top last mile providers have built cutting-edge technologies that manage the last mile process. By partnering with a tech-forward provider, retailers experience a transformative shift: smarter routes, predictive analytics, and enhanced efficiency, all of which set them apart from the competition.

12. Reliable Partnerships for Sustainable Growth

When you align with the right delivery service provider, you create a strategic partnership to propel your business toward its goals. Choosing wisely ensures both smooth operations today and sustainable growth in the future. Retailers should prioritize aligning with partners that understand and champion their vision, laying the foundation for long-term success.

Embrace the Future of Last Mile Delivery

If you’re one of the many retailers reevaluating your last mile delivery, FRAYT will elevate your delivery experience. Discover the benefits of partnering on the last mile when you explore our platform. Ship with us.

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