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February 29, 2024

The Power of Last Mile Partnerships in Industrial Supply, Manufacturing, Fashion & Other Industries


It’s nearly impossible to master last mile delivery without effective partnerships. There are few companies on this planet that can secure fleets, hire drivers, design tech platforms, and build presences in all the markets needed for last mile delivery in a way that keeps costs low while delighting customers.

The power of partnerships is the theme of this week’s FRAYT newsletter, with examples pulled from headlines across many different industries. Continue reading to learn more about the value and ROI created by effective last mile delivery partnerships, and get started with FRAYT if you want to secure an experienced last mile partner that can help your business achieve its delivery goals.

Combatting Porch Piracy Through Last Mile Partnerships

Home delivery is highly convenient, but there’s a significant factor that’s making it more expensive in 2024 — porch piracy. Packages are getting stolen from doorsteps at an alarming rate. Forget for a moment who’s responsible for the loss when a package is stolen (the shipper or recipient, which is its own debate). Focus instead on how porch theft deteriorates the customer experience.

This article from Forbes that addresses porch piracy also mentions that last mile delivery is the most expensive portion of the shipping cost pie. When your organization is able to balance cost-effective last mile delivery with a high level of customer service and satisfaction, it’s able to gain the flexibility needed to better address porch theft. For example, low-cost last mile delivery gives your organization the ability to guarantee packages against porch theft, taking on the replacement cost. Effective last mile delivery also allows you to customize the delivery experience, placing packages in safe locations that recipients might prefer or configuring sign-for-acceptance delivery in cases where the risk of theft is high.

No matter how your business chooses to approach this last mile delivery challenge, it’s essential to build last mile partnerships that help you optimize for both cost savings and outstanding customer experiences.

Pricing Shifts for Chemicals and Industrial Supply

Expect significant shifts in chemical and industrial pricing this year. Key trends driving this shift (as outlined by Supply & Demand Chain Executive) include greater manufacturing investment driven by an energy transition, geopolitical risk that’s leading to reshoring, and the value of soft skills in an AI-driven world.

While it’s difficult to predict the direction chemical and industrial products will move, it’s always essential to find a last mile delivery partner for these products that accomplishes two things. First, find a partner that helps bring costs in line. Last mile delivery (as noted above) is one of the most expensive links in the supply chain. The right partner can help keep costs as low as possible. Second, find a last mile delivery partner that facilitates outstanding customer experiences. As prices become volatile, suppliers that can create memorable customer experiences will be positioned to gain a competitive advantage.

Are Your Partners Tech-Enabled?

As you search for last mile delivery partners, no matter your industry, place a heavy emphasis on finding a partner that embraces and incorporates the latest and greatest technologies. Supply & Demand Chain Executive recently wrote about the power of artificial intelligence in the supply chain, noting that so-called “swam intelligence” will be useful in enhancing “route optimization, warehouse organization, and last mile delivery,” allowing stakeholders to better manage their supply chain resources.

At FRAYT, we serve as a tech-focused partner to shippers, 3PLs, logistics service providers, and others across the supply chain landscape. While we focus on providing outstanding service, we’re also always improving our platform so that last mile deliveries are as optimized as AI and other new developments can make them.

Serious Growth in the Last Mile Market

Because last mile delivery is the most expensive link in the supply chain, it’s no surprise that the last mile delivery market is expected to experience a 10.37% compound annual growth rate through 2031. North America will be the epicenter of this growth, with a diversity of vehicles (including autonomous vehicles, drones, and motorcycles) being used to make deliveries.

As this industry experiences significant growth, many service providers will enter the market and promise outstanding service. As competition grows, seek out service providers that have real experience in last mile delivery, high-quality drivers, modern tech platforms, a presence in key markets, plus other attributes that are most important to your business.

Widespread U.S. Manufacturing Activity

U.S. manufacturing activity expanded at its fastest pace since 2022 in February, according to Bloomberg. As the velocity of manufacturing increases, so too will the need for manufacturing-focused last mile delivery partners. At FRAYT, manufacturing last mile delivery is one of our specialties. We’re equipped with both the drivers and the vehicles needed to execute manufacturing-related last mile deliveries reliably so that your organization can make the most of this boom in activity.

A Delicate Balance for the Fashion Industry

Companies operating in a wide range of industries are struggling with the same last mile challenge: How do we balance cost management with quality service? This is especially true in the fashion industry (and especially during peak season), where costs can drown a company’s margin and poor customer experiences can threaten repeat purchases.

Again, the importance of strong last mile delivery partnerships can’t be overstated. Few companies can build and manage their own last mile delivery programs (like Amazon can), so it’s essential to find trusted partners that can help your business strike that delicate balance between cost management and customer service.

FRAYT: A Ready Partner for Last Mile Success

At FRAYT, we serve as a trusted last mile partner to retailers, manufacturing firms, construction companies, logistics and transportation providers, 3PLs and brokers that need fleet augmentation, industrial suppliers, plus others.

We’re able to serve as a valued partner because of the diversity of our fleet, the quality of our drivers, and the design of our platform. If you’re ready to ship with a last mile delivery partner that can get the job done, get started now.

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