Grow Your Business With Easy Same Day Delivery
December 14, 2021

How to Quickly Grow Your Business With Easy Same Day Delivery

Kayla Cordray

Not every business wants to hear it, but the demand for same-day delivery is growing.

When people see something they want to buy, they expect to receive it quickly.

Business owners have to adapt to keep up with customer demands.

Your competitors are doing everything they can to provide fast delivery service, so having fast and efficient delivery is a must if you want your business to compete in the eCommerce world.

But you might still be hesitant: does offering same-day delivery really grow your business? And what does it require from you?

Let's dive deeper into the world of same-day services and how they can help your business grow.

The Same Day Delivery Business Model

When it comes to sales, e-commerce is taking over. This is true for most industries across the board. People are simply less willing to go into stores to shop and pickup items.

And there is some logic to that mindset. Why arrive at a store only to discover that the location doesn't have what you need when you can find exactly what you're looking for online and get it delivered on the same day?

You may have noticed your customers and clients requesting deliveries over picking up their purchases.

And for some industries, such as construction or manufacturing, having customers pick up large amounts of building material or parts is a major inconvenience.

Previously, businesses have relied on large shipping services like USPS or Fedex used by individuals and businesses alike. But these large corporations charge an arm and a leg to ship and still only get items to your customer in a week.

The same-day delivery model means getting items directly from you to your customers locally, and without an expensive middle man prone to delays.

By addressing typical last mile delivery issues, you can get items to your customers more quickly than ever before.

Why Invest in Same-Day Business Delivery Services?

Local delivery doesn't come cheap. On average, hiring a delivery driver and buying a truck in-house costs upwards of $70,000 or more.

Local couriers are also an option, but with inconsistent communication, unreliable drivers, and lack of transparency it can end up being a time waster.

Same-day delivery through a specialized service, like an on-demand delivery platform, can help you save and predict costs. Some delivery platforms offer even faster delivery with a dedicated vehicle & and professional driver from pickup to drop off (The FRAYT Platform offers Dash Service, for example).

Not sold on the benefits of same-day delivery yet?

Here's what you need to know about why your company needs to make faster delivery a reality.

There’s Higher Demand Than Ever for Same Day Delivery

According to surveys, 80% of customers want same-day delivery. Many respondents say that they will abandon purchases if delivery is not as fast as they want it to be.

As shipping speeds only increase, consumers come to expect faster times.

And if you’re not offering same day or scheduled delivery, you could very well be missing out on people who are seriously interested in your product, but have a specific timeline.

Don't let these customers go to your competitors. Provide the services they're looking for and meet this extremely high demand for fast on-demand delivery.  

Go Above and Beyond For Your Customers

Your loyal customers want to feel taken care of. When they see you go above and beyond to meet their needs, you’re far more likely to retain their business.

Few companies currently offer same-day, local delivery. Gain an advantage over your competitors by offering professional, reliable delivery.

This is particularly important for those supplying crucial parts for businesses. They want to get their job done as quickly as possible, and if you can make it possible for their business to thrive faster, they'll notice.

Increase Profit Potential

People imagine that fast delivery solutions for retailers must be prohibitively expensive and will bankrupt whatever profits they make on sales. But that's not true.

If you pay through large shipping companies, small business delivery services are very expensive. However, with new delivery solution technology, small business delivery services have never been more affordable. By paying for shipping on-demand in your area, you can get products to your clients quickly at an affordable cost.

If you're attracting more clients than ever before while shipping affordably, you'll see how the same-day delivery business model can increase your profits. Get more customers while shipping at a low cost.

Compete with Larger Corporations

When people want to support small businesses, they may imagine strolling down their main street while paying more for products. If they want something delivered quickly, they turn to the large corporations with fleets ready to serve. However, this narrative doesn't need to be your company's destiny.

Perhaps having thousands of drivers with shipping vehicles is impossible for a small organization. But with on-demand delivery solutions for retailers, you get the resources of a large corporation at an affordable rate. Take advantage of this opportunity and stand up to the largest retailers and manufacturers.

Who Can Take Advantage of Same-Day Delivery?

Same-day business delivery services aren't just for one industry. If you have products to sell and customers you want to deliver to, you can start getting orders to them faster than ever before.

Here are just a few examples of how industries can benefit from on-demand shipping and delivery.

Small Businesses & Retailers

If you have any online business, you may have noticed an uptick in online shopping within the last few years. We already spend so much of our time online that it makes sense we stay on for our shopping rather than heading into stores. But when shopping and ordering can be done in mere minutes and a few clicks, people don't want to wait around for a week. By then, they're already impatient and looking for a company that can ship faster.

The problem most retailers run into is the cost of shipping just an item or two to customers even within the same metro area, not to mention the delays that come with the last mile.

You can work around these issues by working with delivery solutions for retailers. They focus on efficient last mile delivery and can get products to your customers faster than big companies, even covering several stops from your store. And because they work on-demand, there isn't a large commitment on your part.

Construction Job Site Delivery

Construction is an intricate process. When one tool, part, or supply is missing, that could be the crucial piece in making way for many steps down the line.

Leaders don't want to see long delays because they're missing something, and they're willing to pay to get things quickly. If you consider their dilemma in the long run, delays could mean major costs that don't even compare to a steep same-day delivery fee.

If you're looking for faster construction job site delivery services, you need delivery that gets materials from you to your clients as quickly as possible. More importantly, because they're working on-demand for you, your building materials won't simply be left on a pallet in some warehouse, lost to you and your clients.

Automotive & Tire Supplies

No one wants to hear that their car will be in the shop for days. A vehicle is such a crucial part of daily life that getting everything fixed quickly could make or break a person's entire week.

Mechanics know this and work hard to have everything on hand to meet their customers' needs efficiently. However, they can't be ready for everything. And always having the right tires on hand for every vehicle that comes in isn't always possible.

That's when fast delivery becomes the difference between a happy, loyal customer and a bad review. You can be the change-maker for your clients by providing same-day tire delivery for a business. Have the tires and parts you need in less time and provide faster repairs for your clients. You'll save them the trouble of keeping a car overnight and enjoy a boost in your reviews and ratings.


As you're creating parts, they're doing no good to you sitting around a warehouse. You need them sent out immediately to make way for more products. However, finding a way to transport your goods without damaging them from one truck to another is difficult.

You can serve clients while avoiding the risk of extensive transportation by hiring a delivery platform on-demand. Because they specialize in last mile delivery, there isn't switching vehicles or sitting around waiting for a ride. Your manufactured goods get to your customers, and you can worry less about transportation and more about customer service.

How Can Businesses Start Same-Day Delivery Services?

You now know how important same-day delivery for a business is. But how do you get a business delivery service started for your company?

If you've already been doing extensive shipping, this may be as simple as changing your delivery platform. But for beginners, here are some basic steps you can take to get started shipping your products faster than ever before.

Invest in Delivery Technology

There are many reasons a business in the modern era should have a website and invest in technology.  But this is particularly important for managing your business's same-day delivery model. Perhaps you can take care of orders over the phone, but you'll generate more leads and easily take care of orders with a website that handles your order placements.

No matter how you choose to handle it, you need the right technology that will help you place, track, and manage orders.

For example, the right management software will inform you of what deliveries should be taken care of first, how many orders you need to put together, etc.

Find Affordable Services on Demand

Large companies may find they can cut costs by having a shipping team with vehicles and employees. But for most companies, the costs of maintaining the vehicles alone would be far too much to be a justified investment.

On-demand delivery solutions for retailers and manufacturers take the costs of drivers and vehicle maintenance out of the equation. All that's left for you is the same-day delivery fees. Shop around and get different quotes to ensure you're getting fair pricing and functionality from a reliable delivery platform.

Some delivery platforms can even help you maximize spend & boost efficiency by easily scheduling multiple stops during a driver's route, like FRAYT’s Multi-Stop Service.

Follow Through with Order Tracking

When looking for a delivery platform, there are many features and perks to look for. However, there's one essential delivery technology you need: order tracking. To give proper customer service, you need visibility of every order, from pickup to drop-off. If your platform doesn't provide order tracking as a standard part of their delivery technology services, you may consider a different platform. This ensures proper handling and, should anything go wrong, gives you all the records and details you need to set things right.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Delivery Services

Will Same-Day Delivery Increase the Price of My Products?

Offering this service often increases customer retention and sales. This leads to an increase in profits across the board, meaning your products can stay the same price. You may choose to add on some delivery fees, and most customers anticipate some sort of fee for fast service.

Fees and prices may depend on your business and products. But overall, on-demand same-day delivery can be very affordable - it doesn't need to cut into your profits and require an increase in prices.

How Can Small Businesses Afford Same-Day Delivery Services?

It's unreasonable to expect that small businesses invest in an independent fleet or pay exorbitant fees to a major shipping company. However, with the growth in on-demand business delivery services, small businesses can now afford to ship their products out with arrival on the same day.

No major investments are needed. Pay for the last mile delivery you need and nothing more. Do this for retail, job site delivery, or automotive parts. Last mile delivery has never been easier or more affordable.

Can Large Orders Be Shipped with the Same Day Delivery Business Model?

When ordering from an on-demand delivery platform, you determine how many spots it goes to and the size of the vehicle. As long as all the products out for same-day delivery fit on the truck and can be delivered by the driver on time, you can ship large parts as necessary.

Who Wants Same-Day Delivery?

Same-day business delivery services aren't limited to a niche or single industry. Across the board, people expect to get their orders as fast as possible. With the expansion of large corporations with items arriving in hours on customers' doorsteps, consumers are simply accustomed to having the option of a same-day delivery business model.

What Delivery Technology Do I Need for the Same Day Delivery Business Model?

When you ship with a delivery platform, look for ones that have the proper technology. Delivery technology can include order tracking, easy ordering for you on-demand, and more.

FRAYT is an on-demand delivery platform that enables businesses to offer reliable deliveries to their customers. You can get started by creating a free business account here. .

Why Use a 3rd Party for Delivery?

Managing your business delivery services yourself can add up to big costs. There's the cost of buying and maintaining vehicles, paying employees, or having current employees take time away for the business delivery service and the software required to manage and track the shipping.

By hiring a 3rd party, you get the expertise, delivery technology, vehicles, and employees for just an on-demand fee rather than a large investment.  

Offer Same-Day Delivery to Your Customers Today

If you're ready to grow your business and increase profits, you need to give your clients what they want. And what people want more than ever is the same-day delivery business model.

With an on-demand delivery platform, fast shipping has never been easier. Make same-day delivery part of your business today and get ready to enjoy perks like intuitive shipping solution, profit growth, and glowing reviews.

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