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May 22, 2024

Perfecting Last Mile Delivery Services to Maximize Customer Satisfaction


The delivery experience plays a huge role in customer satisfaction. The quality of last mile delivery services heavily influences the customer experience, often dictating whether or not the buyer will make a future purchase. This week’s look at the headlines from around the delivery space shines a light on how forward-thinking organizations are approaching the delivery process to maximize satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability.

Continue reading to learn more, and get in touch with us if you’re looking for a strategic partner to help with the middle or last mile of delivery.

Uniting the Middle and Last Miles to Meet Customer Expectations

FreightWaves highlights the need for “the middle and last mile to connect better from a technological and process perspective.” In an age when delivery speed and related communication are non-negotiable, uniting the middle and last mile helps organizations better meet customer expectations.

Many companies find challenges when they attempt to build and manage their own last mile delivery programs. The same is true in the middle mile, which is why so many organizations look for third parties that can help them. At FRAYT, we offer both middle and last mile services in major markets across the country, supporting our customers by uniting the middle and last mile in a way that delights their customers.

Huge Growth Coming in the Last Mile Market

The last mile delivery market is growing exponentially as it becomes increasingly important to the customer experience. Without a thriving last mile delivery program, organizations risk losing repeat business and damaging brand reputation. These stakes are what is driving growth in last mile delivery, a market that was estimated to be worth $31.42 billion in 2023 but is expected to reach $106.42 billion by 2030.

As the importance and need for last mile delivery expands, new service providers will flood into the market. As you explore your last mile delivery options, look for a partner that offers experiences, quality drivers, a diverse fleet of vehicles, modern technology to support route optimization and tracking, plus a presence in the markets that are most important to your business.

How Delivery Helps Struggling Retailers

Online retailers are struggling right now. During the pandemic, these retailers experienced significant growth. Now that the pandemic has subsided, these retailers are having a hard time scaling (much less matching) their financial performance from recent years. Where are retailers turning to develop a competitive advantage and to keep their revenue trendline moving up? They are turning to delivery excellence.

New research indicates that simply including delivery information on home pages and product pages can increase conversion rates. Including information like delivery speed (especially next-day options) and cost (especially free delivery) can significantly impact conversion rates and financial performance.

Of course, this information means little if your organization lacks the infrastructure to fulfill its delivery promises. This is where it’s helpful to outsource last mile delivery to a third party or to complement your in-house resources with a third party that can execute on tight delivery windows. This can be particularly important around peak seasons.

A Role for ROPIS and Parcel Terminals in the Last Mile

Businesses are turning to reserve-online-pickup-in-store (ROPIS) and parcel terminals to help meet modern customer expectations and alleviate pressure on traditional last mile delivery. These delivery options align with what customers want from the shopping experience today. For example, imagine getting two different options at checkout: next-day delivery or same-day pickup at a store that’s just minutes from your home.

There may be scenarios where the consumer would much prefer same-day pickup. These options help the consumer by giving them access to the purchase almost immediately, and they also help the business by funneling orders away from traditional last mile delivery. ROPIS and parcel terminals can be a huge part of fulfillment programs, in addition to last mile delivery, as long as they offer both security and convenience.

Perfect the Middle and Last Miles With FRAYT

The middle and last miles are essential for businesses across industries, including manufacturing, construction, third-party logistics, industrial supply, retail, and others. Large companies like Amazon can build and manage their own middle and last mile programs, but others need strategic partners.

At FRAYT, we serve as a strategic delivery partner, offering on-demand capacity, a diverse fleet of vehicles, quality drivers, modern technology, and everything else needed for success across the middle and last miles. We can even provide fleet augmentation for 3PLs and other organizations that need it.

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