Last Mile Delivery
April 29, 2024

Taking Advantage of Your Last Mile Delivery Opportunities in 2024


Last mile delivery has always been a huge opportunity to interact with customers and ensure they have a positive experience. The importance of customer satisfaction in the last mile will only grow in 2024 as shippers operate in a highly competitive space, as customer expectations increase, and as costs and capacity needs remain volatile and difficult to balance.

This week’s roundup of industry headlines looks at last mile delivery in 2024 and the ways in which shippers can use it to create a competitive advantage. Check out the headlines below, and contact us if you’re in the market for a partner to help you master last mile delivery.

The Future of Last Mile Logistics

Global Trade Magazine recently examined the future of last mile logistics, including drones, droids, and delivery bots. While last mile delivery will always evolve, some things will never diminish in their importance. Those things include quality drivers that can create great customer experiences, real-time updates and communication, advanced technology that creates efficiencies, and a customer service mindset.

Remember, last mile delivery is the last opportunity to interact with the customer. Perhaps there will be ways to create outstanding customer experiences through drones, droids, and bots, but for now, it remains important to have reliable drivers who can deliver on time and with an orientation toward customer service.

Striving for Perfection in the Last Mile

Perfection in last mile delivery is elusive for many organizations, but Forbes outlined the six things to strive for if you want to master the last mile. Some of the ideas that Forbes shares are best executed with help from a last mile delivery partner.

For example, optimizing fleets is difficult for a company that self-manages its last mile. Similarly, it’s difficult for self-managed last mile programs to keep cost-per-delivery low and to consistently create outstanding customer experiences. When you partner with a third party that specializes in and excels at last mile delivery, you gain access to a service that can scale up and down as needed while providing the fleet, the cost control, and the customer experiences needed to boost your business.

Partnering vs. Self-Managed Last Mile Delivery

Amazon runs one of the best-known self-managed last mile delivery programs. You’ve likely seen Amazon’s delivery trucks in your neighborhood, and the retail giant is currently in the process of opening last mile delivery facilities in Hot Springs, East Wenatchee, Grand Island, and San Angelo.

Here’s the catch, though: Most shippers don’t have the resources to build out last mile delivery centers in locations around the country. Most rely on strategic last mile partners that can offer the team, technology, and infrastructure needed to execute deliveries. Partnering is one of the fastest ways to scale your last mile delivery program while ensuring quality, cost control, and ROI.

Better Days Ahead for 3PL Providers?

Last year was a difficult one for 3PL providers due to soft demand and market contraction. The 3PL business will always ebb and flow with demand, necessitating a delivery infrastructure that can also scale up and down as needed.

Many 3PL providers work with last mile delivery partners that they can call on during peak seasons and other high-volume times of the year. These partners are used to supplement the delivery work executed by the 3PL’s in-house team. Over time, these partnerships become essential to the growth and overall success of the 3PL.

Big & Bulky Deliveries Require Extra Special Care

Effective last mile delivery is essential across many different industries, including furniture. In fact, as Supply Chain Brain writes, successful last mile delivery of furniture is the key to customer loyalty.

A new survey suggests that 77% of consumers will “abandon retailers” after a failed “big and bulky delivery,” a finding that can be extended beyond just furniture to include other retailers that sell large items. These large items are often expensive, they are often difficult to move, and their arrival is often highly anticipated by the customer. These dynamics are why effective last mile delivery is that much more important in these instances. The right last mile delivery partner can help with big and bulky deliveries — and ensure your customers enjoy an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Don’t Navigate the Last Mile Alone

You don’t have to navigate the last mile alone. At FRAYT, we have a presence in major markets around the country, providing a diverse fleet of vehicles, high-quality drivers, tech that enables real-time updates and communication, and more. Whether you’re an industrial supplier, a 3PL, a retailer, a manufacturer, a provider of construction materials, or some other organization that relies on last mile delivery, we can provide the service and capacity you need to excel.

Discover the benefits of having a dedicated last mile delivery partner when you ship with us.

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